Sounds For The Soul - Fairbanks Area Schedule

1/12/19 6:00-7:15 Pam and Paula at Fairbanks Yoga
www.fairbanksyoga.com for tickets
1/13/19 5:45-6:45 Pam at Heart Stream Yoga
www.heartstreamyoga.com for tickets
1/13/19 5:00pm Paula at Two Rivers Community Center
1/2629 4:00 pm Paula at Heart Stream Yoga
www.heartstreamyoga.com for tickets
1/27/19 5:00 pm Paula at Two Rivers Community Center

Paula Ciniero and I will be bringing our singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums to share an experience of sound with you.  Tickets can be purchased through Fairbanks Yoga.  Room for 30 participants.  Feel free to bring your own blankets, pillows or whatever you need to be comfortable. Follow the links to register for an hour of vibrational sound.
Some bolsters and mats are available at both Fairbanks Yoga and Heart Stream Yoga, but please bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

A sound bath is a sound immersion experience, giving you the opportunity to relax, move beyond your normal boundaries, dissolve tension, balance your nervous system, and experience deep inner resting. Each of my sound baths begin with breathing and guided heart-opening meditation, followed by the sounds of gongs and a varying combination of sound instruments – singing bowls, chimes, drum or voice. The meditation offers your mind a journey, a chance to explore a shift in perspective or an answer you are searching for. The gong provides a powerful grounding vibration that allows you to feel and bring the sound deeply into your body. The bowls and chimes allow you to explore the lightness and floating of relaxation and movement. The sounds surround you, travel through your liquid body, and move energy. I invite you to let go, release whatever is limiting you, and be open to receive physical, mental, emotional or spiritual clearing and balance. To open your heart and find the healing place that already exists within you….the place of unconditional love.

Sound Baths can be experienced individually during a regular craniosacral session or as a separate sound healing session.  Sound Baths are also available as a group meditation experience.  Instruments of sound can be voice toning, Acutonic chimes, drums, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls or gongs.  The experience of being bathed in sound is often one of deep relaxation and rejuvenation, balance, energetic clearing and alignment, and deep meditation.  In this state of being, your own self-healing abilities are much freer to work within you.  You simply need to come ready to open and receive.  

Physiological Benefits that occur when we shift frequency and entrain with sound.    (Jonathan Goldman, musician)
Increased oxygen
Release of melatonin

Stress-reducing hormones occur
Release of opiates - natural pain killers produced by the body
Release of nitric oxide - allows blood to move more freely by expanding circulatory vessels
Breath and heart rates begin to slow as we begin to merge with each other and sound


Please ask for more information on arranging a Sound Bath that will meet your needs.