Frank is an Emmy Award-winning Journalist from Hollywood.  He travelled to the UK from the U.S. to record this work so he could share it with the world via his YouTube Channel, Modern Nirvana.

How does this training benefit children?
The technique of learning to see while wearing a blindfold is not the main goal of this work.  During the process of this training, the child's brain is working hard and creating new neural networks.  Each child will respond differently and within their own ability level. It's important that children not be compared.  They are awakening their own unique natural gifts and potential.   Here are some of the benefits that parents I have worked with have reported.
** Increase in self-esteem and self-confidence
** more maturity and improved relationships with family and friends
** strengthened intuition and expanded awareness
** improved learning ability and academic performance
** more willing to think outside of the box

Who should take this training?
This program is generally taught to children 6 to 12 years of age, who can read and know colors and shapes, depending on their abilities and maturity.  It can have a great benefit for:

  • Children who want to improve their grades and their learning in school
  • Children with desire to overcome blockages in their performance in music, art, dance, sports, math, science, etc ...
  • Children with low self-esteem or are immature for their chronological age
  • Children who want to be better in any way
  • It can benefit children with dyslexia and attention deficit. 
  • All children can learn to see, but some children may take longer to learn or develop slightly different ways of seeing.  It can benefit every child.


Inspiring Children Universally 
Extra Ocular Vision 
The Bronnikov Method

Our Changing World


What is intuition ... or the sixth sense?  What if there is another learning tool that can be made available to our children?  During the summer of 2016, I travelled to England where I had a chance to observe and learn to teach children to begin to "see" while wearing a blindfold.  The moment I saw my first student read a book while blindfolded, my world changed.  I no longer believe that I need to understand how everything works. Each time I have the privilege to sit with a student who begins to see blindfolded, I am in awe.  We are amazing beings, with abilities and skills that are untapped.  

I  taught in the public school classrooms for 10 years and homeschooled my own children for another 10 years.  I especially loved finding ways to help those students who struggled the most. I believe that this training has the ability to help every child in some way.  It is empowering, fun and can be life changing for the children and their families.  If you are interested in this training for your child, please go to the Contact Page and send me a message.

New Class beginning November 18, 2017


What is required?
A minimum of 12 sessions.  The sessions should be no more than a week apart if possible and can be scheduled more frequently. Additional sessions can be scheduled if more progress is desired.  

5-15 minutes of daily practice between sessions

An important aspect of this training is to have a very involved parent.  As a parent, you will need to make it a priority to participate in the daily practice.  This is a different kind of learning, and one that is designed to empower children to recognize and respect their own amazing gifts as well as the gifts of others.  When we ask our children to develop into the best they can be, it is important that we are there to support them as they discover the magic world of possibilities they had never even imagined.