Day 1  This four day intensive course will begin with discussion, the principles and concepts of Sacred Geometry and exercises to begin reconnecting with the world around us and to each other.  With the Unity Breath Meditation, you will naturally reconnect with Mother Earth and Father Sky as a Divine Child of the Universe. These principles guide you into bringing your mental body into alignment with your heart.

Day 2.   The second day is devoted to healing emotional trauma that lies within your heart and prevents you from experiencing pure joy and living your passion. You will come away with a deeper sense of your energy and how to make use of it, while opening a connection to your inner being and heart.

Day 3  You will learn how to move into the sacred and tiny spaces of the heart where you can connect to the unity of all life. You will have the opportunity to practice techniques designed to enable you to strengthen the connection between your heart and brain.

Day 4  We have arrived at a time on our planet when we must understand that we are creating our reality and we hold a deep responsibility to the Earth and her care.  In this final part of the course, you will practice a meditation that allows your personal living Mer-Ka-Ba to activate directly from your heart, allowing you the opportunity to live your life from within that field of love. 

amazinGRACE® is a form of energy healing that originates in Germany. It is the main healing technique that is practiced at the first stationary hospital for energy healing in Germany and is taught at the affiliated healing school ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT.  It was founded by Annette Müller, who developed the amazinGRACE® healing method.  
KAR® Atlas Re-alignment  A method of readjusting the Atlas vertebrae using energy and the client's own healing impulse instead of external manual manipulation.  The first vertebrae, the Atlas, is the apex of the nervous system. Alignment of the Atlas can therefore affect causes of back pain, scoliosis, and headaches as well as various diseases caused by organ stress and malfunction. 
SKYourself®  A simple technique which can help clear emotional blockages from our lives and facilitate physical healing.  This method will lead the client through a resolution process, without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing traumatizing memories.  With this experience, the client can come to an inner strength that makes it possible for him or her to deal with future stressful situations in a completely relaxed manner. At the same time the resolution of emotional blockages paves the way for physical health.