Some Background
Teaching children to develop this vision has been happening around the world.  Korea, India, China, and Mexico are some countries that have been exploring and teaching children for decades.  

Noé Esperón has traveled around Mexico for more than 30 years and worked with many children.  He is the founder of the Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) method, and his organization trains teachers around the world.

Nicola Farmer took the training to England and created ICUInspiring Children Universally.  She works with children and also trains future teachers in this method.

Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov retained the ability to see with his eyes closed as a small boy.  He created the Bronnikov Method, spent many years researching this subject, and believes that this work could be taught to the blind.

There are other teachers and techniques around the world.  

Why Is This Training Important?
Our world is rapidly changing, and information is increasing exponentially.  Many of the jobs of today will not even be in existence for the next generation.  When I imagine a world that is built by children who have developed these skills, I see a world where they are creating solutions that no one has ever thought of.  I see problem solvers who can see around the corner,  who are confident, can act with vision, and are aware of the world within and how they are connected to the world around them.  When we start with the children, they can create change in their families, their societies, and their world.  This article describes what changes could be occurring in the next 20 years.  Our Changing World